Internacjonalizacja badań – seminarium z gośćmi z Niemiec / Research Internationalisation Seminar
Wydarzenie, rozpoczyna się 25-04-2017

Kolejne z cyklu wydarzeń na Wydziale Nauk Społecznych UAM służących wymianie doświadczeń badaczy zaangażowanych w badania o zasięgu międzynarodowym. Podczas spotkania przedstawiciele Instytut Leibniza z Erkner przedstawią swoją perspektywę  realizacji międzynarodowych grantów badawczych. Seminarium prowadzone będzie w języku angielskim. Wstęp wolny dla pracowników naukowych i  doktorantów UAM.

Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznan | Faculty of Social Sciences

Research Internationalisation Seminar

Dr Thorsten Heimann and

Dr Ralph Richter

IRS – Leibniz Institute for Research on Society and Space in Erkner (Germany)

Tuesday, April 25th, 14.00-15.30:

AMU Faculty of Social Sciences, Campus Ogrody, ul. Szamarzewskiego 89 C, room 1.

free admission for AMU Researchers and PhD students

In line with ongoing globalization and Europeanisation processes, scholars assume cultural homogenization processes among regions and nation states in Europe. From that point of view, differences in public discourses, value orientations, practices and legal regulations would be more and more leveled. However, other scholars postulate a continued existence of cultural differences. While those differences have often been rather related to territories like e.g. nation states or regions, those differences today are debated as delineating spaces that overlap traditional territories and interfere with globally more complex “deterritorialized” cultural spaces. The notion of “culture as relational space” (Heimann 2017) shall describe complex cultural formations of the present, which might constellate as diversified, dynamic, overlapping or even isomorphic cultural spaces. Moreover, the theory of “culture as relational space” allows to empirically proof cultural homogenization and differentiation processes. It grounds on the occurrence of cultural differences in terms of socially constructed spaces. This processes are impacting research practices, too.


14:00-14:15 - Introduction:

- Dr Marcin Poprawski, Deputy Dean (International Relations) AMU Faculty of Social Sciences

- Dr Marek Nowak, Vice-director AMU Institute of Sociology, AMU Faculty of Social Sciences

14:15-15:00 - Cultural Spaces in Europe between homogenisation and differentiation: The institutionalization of social entrepreneurship, dr. Thorsten Heimann and dr. Ralph Richter

15:00-15:30 - Discussion on the following topics:
Internationalization in the research practices – what does it mean? Cultural spaces perspective.

Whether and how social enterprises facilitate social innovations in marginalized rural regions in Poland, Ireland, Austria and Greece? The EU efforts of creating enabling (legal) environments for social entrepreneurship.

Institutional differences amongst EU states and in state overarching spaces, which share similar perspectives towards the relation between state, market and civil society.

Identification of crucial factors influencing research quality of Central-Eastern European research practices.


Dr Marcin Poprawski, Deputy Dean, AMU Faculty of Social Sciences,


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